The Cannabis Pharmacy is Open(ing)

We’ve heard about medical marijuana for years. For much of that time I thought it was just an excuse to get high. They I heard about the kids with severe epilepsy. Maybe I was wrong about this.

Some countries and U.S. states have legalized medical marijuana and some have even legalized “recreational” marijuana. (Why does that sound like smoking weed on a playground?)

If you live where marijuana is illegal you likely do have access to hemp. Industrial hemp was once the stringy stuff that ropes were made of. Now the term refers to any cannabis that is below a certain concentration of delta 9 THC. Some of these new strains of cannabis are especially bred to contain lots of CBD and almost no THC. In all other respects they look (and smell) just like the illegal stuff.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp throughout the United States. It also legalized interstate commerce in hemp. (It did not legalize growing hemp at home.) The FDA continues (as of early 2019) to state that CBD can’t be used in dietary supplements. This stance is related to their recent approval of Epidiolex. (Their regulations don’t allow the same substance that is in a drug to also be sold as a dietary supplement.) Whether you call it a supplement or not, CBD is widely available online.

We will be exploring the medical uses of cannabis (focusing especially on fully-legal hemp and hemp-derived products). Join us on the journey.